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Hubbard Dianetics Seminar Delivery

seminar attendeesFirst Group of Seminar Attendees in Sri Lanka

We are now delivering Hubbard Dianetics Seminars in Sri Lanka for the first time. We are getting our new space and will be set up for both seminar and co-audit delivery along with Professional Book I auditing.


"Before Dianetics I was anxious all of the time for a lot of reasons - I had no direction in life, and I lacked control and self confidence.

Then I read Dianetics and it was the answer to everything I was looking for…

I got Dianetics auditing and had a huge improvement in self-esteem. I have more control. I am less judgmental of people. And my understanding of how the mind works is a very powerful tool I use all the time."

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The First Professional
Hubbard Dianetics Auditor in Sri Lanka
Asanka Grad Pic

I completed the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor course. It is really an adventure.  I understand Dianetics can change a person. It helped me to understand myself and others.  Actually "I" is difficult to find because "I" is affected by the engram bank or reactive mind.  So now I can find "I." I understand why people behave in an abberrated manner.  It can be cured through Dianetics.

Auditing is a very nice experience.  Once the preclear is sitting in front of you and saying the painful emotions, I feel really I am giving them another birth.  When I see they are cheerful it is more satisfying to me than anything else.  I understand why LRH says, "Auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet."

Asanka Giragama
Executive Director Sri Lanka



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